Travolator in the St. Petersburg metro

On the birthday of the city on may 27, 2015 in St. Petersburg opened a unique object for Russia-travolator! It is a horizontal escalator or "moving sidewalk" connecting the Petrograd side and Vasilievsky island. The second metro station "Sportivnaya" to log on to the travelator is located near Tuchkov bridge, at the intersection of Makarov embankment and Cadet lines. The author of the project is the German company ThyssenKrupp Elevator, which first applied this technology in the St. Petersburg metro. The uniqueness of this object is that it is completely located underground and moreover-the tunnel passes under the river, namely under the Malaya Neva. This building can be called a new attraction of St. Petersburg. Metro station "Sportivnaya" and so unusual - its platforms are located on different levels and connected by an escalator. Access to the city was carried out only from the upper platform. Now you can get to the city from the lower platform, but for this you need to drive on a travolator, which consists of two sections of 3 belts with a total length of about 200 m, and on a conventional escalator. The travolator is not horizontal, but at a slight angle and lifts passengers from a 60-meter depth to a 10-meter depth. Travel on travolator can be about 8 minutes, but if you go-2 times faster. Plus the escalator. Agree, it is much more convenient than to go through Tuchkov bridge in any weather.

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