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Apartment rental in Saint-Peterburg

Real offers apartments for rent by owners and management companies

Information on this web site will allow you quickly and easily solve the problem of housing in our city. If you came to St. Petersburg for a tour or a business trip, to meet with friends or loved man you face the problem of accommodation for a short time. There are different options for accommodation for a day or more.

квартиры на короткий срок Санкт-Петербург

Depending on your preferences that can be expensive apartments in the big hotels of our city, rooms in small hotels of different levels, some places in hostels, etc. In any case, the settlement in hotels, mini hotels, hostels charge for accommodation from each person. There is an alternative to such housing scheme - apartments.

Примеры предложений на сайте:

предложение по посуточной аренде
ID:  136

bedroom apartment on the street in Turku, 3 minutes'
Metro station: Международная
Comfort class: Business
Rooms: 3
Sleeps: 2+2+2+2
Area: 50
Price: 3500 RUR
предложение по посуточной аренде
ID:  1199
studio apartment on Avenue Polustrovski
Metro station: Лесная
Comfort class: Econom
Rooms: 1
Sleeps: 2+1
Area: 22
Price: 1800 RUR
предложение по посуточной аренде
ID:  73

Studio apartment on Leni Golikova street in 20
Metro station: Автово
Comfort class: Business
Rooms: 1
Sleeps: 2+2
Area: 34
Price: 2000 RUR

What are the advantages of accomodation for a short period of time in the apartment?

The first and most important, perhaps, are the real savings, as you take an apartment together, with family, company, or simply witha group of friends and pay for the entire apartment, with only a small additional rate for a certain number of people.

A second advantage in the rental of apartments is that you live alone, independently, you avoid control that exists in hotels, hostels, etc.

And the third - apartment rent is much more comfortable in terms of welfare, home conditions, which you probably are accustomed to. Apartments for a short time in St. Petersburg provide all necessary amenities. You have a choice - cook at home or visit a cafe or restaurant.

As short-term accommodation in St. Petersburg in the apartment - it's a quieter option, you do not disturb the administration and living near the guests - that is the whole fuss hotel complex you are in no way affected.

квартиры посуточно в Санкт-Петербурге

We would be very happy, if our site will help you in solving difficult problem such as housing rental in our city for a short period of time. Daily apartment rentals in St. Petersburg - at your service. We will help you to rent a room or apartment any level of comfort for hours at night, for a week and for a long time, in any area of St. Petersburg. Petersburg-profit apartments - comfortable and affordable housing. Depending on your budget You can rent an apartment of a certain level (economy, standard, euro) in the central or located at some distance from downtown areas. Flats that are located not in the center of the city are close to the subway and you will not spend much time to reach almost anywhere in the city. Infrastructure of St. Petersburg, a variety of transportation opportunities, new transport interchanges allows you to feel quite mobile in our city. Of course, if you pursue the goal while visiting St. Petersburg to be close to all the major sights of the city, to walk in Petersburg at night, to take part in festivities or just your relatives or friends are living in the center or the object of your business trip located in the center - the most convenient option for you , of course, is renta in central parts of the city. If you visit our city during the white nights, probably it would be important for you if your apartment is on the "correct" side of the Neva and you feel the full independence of the time of bridges breeding to get home at any time.

посуточная аренда квартир в Санкт-Петербурге

If you are looking for offers "without middlemen", please note that, first, in fact it may have suggestions just from the middleman, and secondly, you may encounter unscrupulous owners and managers - while the company provides protection by which you can be sure that in the event of force majeure that you always will have a worthy alternative - apartments at the same level or higher while maintaining price. Third, an agency specializing in providing serviced apartments defines a small commission, since the main dividends it receives from the number of apartments as opposed to agencies specializing in long-term lease, and receiving requests for daily rent is very rare and therefore determined by the Commission at least two times higher. Agency for daily rent seeking a reasonable compromise between the host and the total price of rent - in other words, the owner you pick the same apartment more than he gives it to the agent. Thus, the percentage of commission is considerably less. And for you - more comfortable than spending a lot of time and effort in search of housing, and to provide a specialist to do the job.

About how to rent apartment in St. Petersburg you can read in the daily rentals page.

For selection you can use the search or view the full list of apartments and make a choice. To make a reservation, go to page booking and fill out the form.

Daily rentals - a reasonable alternative to hotels. This independence and comfortable accommodation and real savings for your money. Rent an apartment can be expensive. Unlike hotels, where the fee is charged per person, you pay the rent, and, depending on the number of people added to only a small factor. The plan for day rental is much cheaper. In this apartment to rent in St. Petersburg provide all the necessary amenities that meet your home comfortable apartment.

снять квартиру посуточно в Санкт-Петербурге

We can find accommodations in the heart of St. Petersburg or in the suburb communities of St. Petersburg. You can withdraw as an expensive apartment, and a flat of economy class. If you are living in Saint-Petrburg, and you need a place to meet with someone, you can use the service "flat for the day in St. Petersburg", "rent for an hour", "rent for the night".

To rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, not more difficult than rent a free room in hotel for a reasonable fee. Apartments in St. Petersburg is the most reasonable solution in the search for housing in St. Petersburg. Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!

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