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Apartment rental in Saint-Peterburg

About apartment rentals

This section presents brief useful information about the characteristics of rental apartments and apartments for short terms.

The cost of rental apartments and apartments for daily rent in St. Petersburg in each case depends on several components - the number of days, number of people, locations, weekends and holidays. If you want to rent an apartment for a short period of time 1-2 days, rents could increase on average by 15-25 %. The cost of renting apartments for rent in St. Petersburg on weekends typically higher than on weekdays. During the holidays the price increases by an average 1.5 times. There is also a seasonal price increase. Daily rent of apartments in St. Petersburg are significantly more active beginning with the may holidays and through the month of October. During this period, dramatically increasing the demand for rent housing and increase prices accordingly. Thus, if You have no urgent need to visit Peter in weekends, holidays or active period, You can plan your trip in a more relaxed for apartment rent in St. Petersburg.

Each offer specifies a price range the cost of renting an apartment per day depending on the above factors - the specific price depends on Your request of rental and season. Total rent for the entire period is determined by simply multiplying the room rate by the number of days. No Additional fees!

When you check into the apartment typically will be charged a security Deposit (collateral value for the security of keys, property and public order) and refunded upon departure in accordance to specified conditions. A security Deposit ( with rare exceptions) does not exceed the cost of daily payment.

Estimated time: check in at 14 o'clock and check out is at 12 hours. Night and early arrivals before 8 am or check out after 18 hours to be paid additionally in the amount of whole days. Check-in after 8am or check-out till 18 PM - at the rate of 0.5 days.

The apartment is not allowed to carry out activities, loud parties ( if the apartment is not provided specifically for such purposes) and to disturb public order. In this case, the owner or the Manager is entitled to require you to vacate the apartment without refund of security Deposit.

In apartments ( with very few exceptions) should not smoke! Only in designated areas or on the balcony!

You can view available apartments, make a booking request or to discuss appropriate options listed on the site phone or email. For the mutual guarantee recommend You book an apartment (see section "book").The apartment is considered booked after the prepayment. Before you make the payment to Your email address will be sent a provisional confirmation of your reservation with all necessary information for Your arrival. If the information is correct, during the day You must prepay for the first day of the lease (in some cases over long periods and for the holidays - 2 days). the Amount of prepayment is included in the rent!

Prior reservation is valid during the day and then automatically canceled!

After making the payment to Your email address will be sent a final booking confirmation for the apartment with the contact person on the move.You need to phone the contact person a few days before arrival!

One day booking is possible only on the previous day in the evening or on the day of arrival, the reservation for 2-3 days for 2-3 days before arrival. For the holidays early pre-reservations are for a period of 5 days, for a short period - a few days before arrival.

In some cases when renting apartments or apartments for rent in Saint Petersburg discounts may be granted in "low season"; at the time of booking for a long time; turning repeatedly; if the lease complies with the convenient gaps in the schedule rent for the apartment; in case of emergency situations. Discounts unlikely in high season and during periods of increased activity of daily rent of apartments in St. Petersburg.

In some cases it is possible to return the prepayment if the owner or Manager of cancellation is at the moment the situation is "force majeure". Typically, this refers to early booking.

Provides reporting documents. Additional information can be obtained from the rental Manager.

A sample rental agreement at check-see here.

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