#1046   Four-bedroom duplex apartment in an elite center on Rubinstein Street

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— Four-bedroom duplex apartment in an elite center on Rubinstein Street on the corner with Nevsky Prospekt, 5 minutes walk from Gostiny Dvor and Mayakovskaya metro stations.
Comfort class
140 m2
2 in 6
Price a day
from 4500 rub.*

Rates are seasonal

Low seasonMiddle seasonHigh season
4500 - 6500 rub.6000 - 7500 rub.8500 - 10500 rub.
~ nov.- march~ sept., oct., apr.~ may - sept.

* During the white nights and holidays the price may exceed the maximum price of the high season!  More about the seasons and prices

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On map:

The very center
Address:ul. Rubinshteyna, 3
From metro:~520m


Four-room duplex apartment in an elite center on Rubinstein Street on the corner with Nevsky Prospekt, 5 minutes walk from Gostiny Dvor and Mayakovskaya metro stations. Near the Anichkov Bridge with magnificent sculptures by Peter Klodt, Anichkov Palace, the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, which is extraordinary in beauty. The embankments of the Fontanka River will not leave you indifferent. On the way along Nevsky Prospekt towards the Neva River, there are luxurious architectural ensembles of Ostrovsky Square and Arts Square adjacent to Nevsky Prospekt, Temples and Cathedrals. Almost every building is of historical or architectural value. Only being in the very center of the city, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the aura of romantic St. Petersburg. Excursions along rivers and canals depart from the Anichkov Bridge.

Located on the 2nd floor of a six-storey building with an elevator. Entrance from the street. The windows overlook Rubinstein Street and Nevsky Prospekt. Nice front door with intercom. Metal door to the apartment. Paid guarded parking is a 5-minute walk away.

The total area of 140 sq.m. is located on two levels. Three bedrooms - two on the first level, one on the second; on the first level there is a recreation room and a kitchen-dining room. Luxury apartment, fully equipped and very comfortable to live in. Each bedroom has its own combined bathroom. Air conditioners are installed.

For you - all the necessary audio and video equipment - TVs (LCD and regular), audio center, DVD. The kitchen-dining room is fully equipped with everything necessary for storing and cooking food - a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, an electric kettle, a toaster, a coffee maker, a water filter, kitchen utensils are at your service.

Available - unlimited INTERNET, Wi-Fi, satellite TV.

There are four bathrooms at your disposal - three combined and one separate. A modern gas heater is installed. At your disposal - washing machine, hairdryer, iron, necessary toiletries and household items.

Accommodation - 6 people (2+2+2 ). If necessary, it is possible to use a sofa in the living room as a sleeping place.

Reporting documents are provided for business travelers ( all necessary information will be provided by the Manager).


The flat is not booked for a day. Early booking-from 5 days. Smoking is not allowed in the apartments (only by agreement - on the balcony or in designated areas). It is strictly forbidden to hold events and violation of public order ( loud sounds after 23 hours, etc.). Full booking details here.

Estimated time

Check-in-after 15:00, check-out-before 12:00. Early check-in or late check-out are charged extra.


Upon check-in to the apartment, a security deposit is charged (a security deposit for keys, safety, property and public order), which is returned to the card after cleaning the apartment, subject to the agreed conditions. Security deposit - in the amount of payment per day, when booking for holidays and for long periods - two days in advance.


Prepayment-for the first night.

Payment Methods

See all possible payment methods here.

Prepaid Return

The prepayment will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled at least one month before the arrival date in high season and 2 weeks in low season.


Reporting documents

Reporting documents for business trips are provided ( the Manager will provide you with detailed information).

Near the flat:

Exhibition halls:
Center and Graphics Gallery ~430м;  
The Memorial Museum is an apartment of L. N. Gumilyov ~810м;  The Literary Museum of Fis. M. Dostoevsky ~600м;  Faberge Museum ~350м;  Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Museum ~510м;  Engineering (Mikhailovsky) Castle ~1км;  Memorial Museum-apartment N. A. Roman-Korsakov ~820м;  KGallery Art Gallery ~900м;  Memorial Museum-Apartment of the Family of the Suicide Actors ~310м;  Gallery «D137» ~400м;  Shermeteev Palace Museum of Music ~500м;  Borei Art Center ~290м;  Museum of Circus Art at the Bolt Saint Petersburg Circus ~780м;  Russian State Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic ~690м;  Hygiene Museum of the City Centre for Medical Prevention ~620м;  Museum-apartment N. A. Nekrasov ~850м;  Anna Akhmatova Memorial Museum in Fountain ~500м;  
Carnival Concert Hall ~330м;  MiG Youth Theatre and Film Centre ~270м;  concert in St. Petersburg ~370м;  Theatre of Alexandrinia ~510м;  The Theater ~600м;  Lenin Theatre ~270м;  Musical theatre ~300м;  Comedy Theatre named after N P. Akimova ~470м;  Great Puppet Theater ~900м;  FDTM Theater (Dostoyevsky Museum) ~600м;  The puppet of the puppet. E. C. Demchange ~600м;  White Theatre ~600м;  Karlsson House Theatre ~230м;  Drama Theatre on Liteyny ~590м;  Dollhouse Theatre ~600м;  Small Drama Theatre-Theatre of Europe ~190м;  Bolt St. Petersburg State Circus ~780м;  Youth Creative Theater ~330м;  Morph Theatre ~680м;  Na Mokhova Academic Theatre ~960м;  Jazz music ~980м;  Pushkin School Theatre ~370м;  
Educational institutions:
State Engineering and Economics University (Inzhecon) ~670м;  Academy of the Russian Ballet named after A. Vaganova ~540м;  Russian Christian Academy of Humanitarian Sciences ~480м;  North-Western Institute for Higher Qualification ~410м;  Institute of Theology and Philosophy ~480м;  Mathematical Institute. The Culture. ~270м;  Saint Petersburg State Film and Television Institute ~1.1км;  Saint Petersburg Institute of Business ~670м;  Spatial Environment Design ~1.1км;  

customer Reviews about the apartment:

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We stayed at Rubinstein 3 sq. 6, located on the 3rd floor, booked 2 apartments, and lived in 6, but it does not matter, the layout is the same as in the video, the difference in furniture and its arrangement. we had a rest with a family of 7 people, we stayed wonderful, everyone has their own bathroom and bath, the main plus is the location of the apartment, the center of Nevsky!!! very nice hostess Irina, everything was wonderful!!!! I definitely recommend a Day in St. Petersburg and an apartment on Rubinstein 3!!!
Author: Elena    Period: July 2023 года
Previously, do you know how fashionable and prestigious it was in the century before last? I came to St. Petersburg, but stayed in an apartment somewhere closer to Nevsky. And it was necessary to settle down, if you have a claim to elitism - on the second floor. Because on the first floor there were barbers, zucchini, pharmacies and shops. And above there are already bachelors, artists, writers, and other people. Dostoevsky wrote - "From eternal lack of money, I did not go down below the 4th floor." On Rubinstein Street there is an apartment house number three. Architect Mikhail Makarov designed this house in 1872, the style of construction is eclectic. The front door is painted over with oil paint, thanks, as they say, to the Bolsheviks and their desire to destroy everything beautiful. But the remnants of luxury can be observed. These are wrought-iron railings - fabulous plants with petals and flowers wrap around the stairwell, and marble mosaics on the floor, and stucco molding is covered with horrific paint on the walls... My heart bleeds... We lived on the second floor, in apartment number two. With huge ceilings, on which bronze chandeliers with crystal bowls and frosted glass candles are suspended. Candelabra, designed in the same style, hang on the walls. The walls are painted in a white matte color, decorated with a thin trellis rail and stucco. The floor is covered with wool carpets of Arabic ornament. The living room, the bedrooms, and there are three of them, the kitchen is filled with solid natural wood furniture. Despite the "dorohobogato", the apartment is very cozy and homely. Household appliances are all serviceable. The gas stove and oven are easy to use. The apartment is perfectly clean and tidy. The dishes are good, there are a lot of real sawn crystal - vases, wine glasses, brandy glasses, and glasses for liqueurs. High quality bed linen and other home textiles. The hostess Irina is a pleasant girl in communication. She explained everything to us on the first call, but nevertheless did not bother us with unnecessary visits. In the link to the review of our "modest" home - https://youtu.be/v5kn28pAbYY Apartments on Rubinstein 3, my beloved, dear company of close friends and I were very satisfied. Our week-long vacation was fun, comfortable and soulful! I sincerely recommend this bureau for renting high-class housing. After all, as Aristotle Onassis said - "To be successful, look tanned, live in an elegant building (even if you are in the attic), be visible in good restaurants (even if you drink one drink) and if you borrow — borrow big."
Author: Yuliya    Period: January 2021 года
We came to celebrate my husband's birthday, there were 6 of us. The apartment is very clean, spacious, everything is as in the photos. Each room has a bathroom - it's very convenient, a large dining room. The location is super! The owner of the apartment is a very nice woman, thank her very much for her hospitality! I also want to note that two more of our friends came to us, and Irina kindly provided 2 more beds. I definitely recommend it!!!
Author: Viktoriya    Period: December 2018 года
We came before the May holidays for 4 days to relax and unwind. There were 6 of us and this apartment pleased us very much, it is very comfortable for a large company, 4 bathrooms (3 of them with a bathtub) this is something unimaginable! You can find fault with the slightly shabby condition of the furniture, but outwardly it looks good, not the most comfortable mattresses, but the beds will not fasten... The location is perhaps one of the biggest advantages, 2 minutes from Nevsky Prospekt (and you are in the center of all the main wealth of St. Petersburg, you can walk everywhere. maximum 20-30 min.) and at the same time there is no such traffic flow (a one-way street, and there is a dead traffic jam all the time). There are also a huge number of bars and small restaurants around. The hostess is excellent, you have moved in and you will not see her again until you leave (although we behaved modestly and did not make much noise), she lives on the ground floor and is always ready to help if. something will be needed. One thing, but if you want to cook yourself, ask in advance about the availability of dishes, because there is only one large pot and frying pan. All other amenities for a comfortable time are in order. In conclusion, I want to say that this is not our first weekend in St. Petersburg, but this is probably the most comfortable, spacious (despite 6 people) and comfortable apartment! With an adequate price (6500 per day, April 26-30)! If we go in a big company, then only here!!!
Author: Artem    Period: April 2018 года
The apartment is great, the hostess is a very nice girl. We spent two wonderful days in St. Petersburg. Thank you sutki-piter for a comfortable stay
Author: Aleksandr     Period: November 2016 года


Operating Time:
daily from 10-00 to 20-00


House, Parking
  • Closed courtyard
  • Lift
  • Street entrance
  • Paid Parking is nearby
  • Windows on street
  • Metal door
  • Doorphone
  • Gas stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Toaster
  • Coffee-maker
  • Microwave
  • Electric kettle
  • Dishwasher
  • TV
  • Audio system
  • WiFi
  • DVD
  • Electric heater
  • Iron
  • Washing machine
  • Internet
  • Cab/sat. TV
  • Several bathrooms
  • Hairdryer
  • Divided
  • Tub
  • Joint
Household items
  • Ironing board
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Dryer
  • Bed linen
  • Hygiene items
  • Unusual interior
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Water filter