#1046   Four-room two-level apartments in an elite center in Rubinstein Street

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— Four-room two-tiered apartments in Rubinstein Street in the corner with Nevsky Prospekt 5 minutes walk from the metro stations "Gostin Dvor" and "Mayakovskaya".
Comfort class
140 m2
2 in 6
Price a day
from 5000 rub.*

Rates are seasonal

Low seasonMiddle seasonHigh season
5000 - 6000 rub.6000 - 6500 rub.7500 - 9500 rub.
~ nov.- march~ sept., oct., apr.~ may - sept.

* During the white nights and holidays the price may exceed the maximum price of the high season!  More about the seasons and prices

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On map:

The very center
Address:Ul. rubinshteyna, d.3
From metro:~520m


Four-room two-tiered apartments in Rubinstein Street in the corner with Nevsky Prospekt 5 minutes walk from the metro stations "Gostin Dvor" and "Mayakovskaya". The bridge with the magnificent sculptures of Peter Klodt, the Palace, the palace, the beauty of Beloselski-Belozersky"s Palace. You will not be left indifferent to the banks of the Fontanka. On the way along the Nevsky Prospekt towards Neva, there are luxurious architectural sites adjacent to the Nevsky Prospekt of Ostrovsky Avenue and the Art Square, the Temple and the Cathedral. Virtually every building has historical or architectural value. Only in the very heart of the city you will be able to plunk into the aura of romantic St. Petersburg. The river and canal tours are sent from the Anycam Bridge.

It is located on the 2nd floor of a six-storey building with an elevator. The entrance from the street. The windows are in Rubinstein and Nevsky Prospect. Nice parachute with a buzzer. The metal door in the apartment. Paid park is a 5-minute walk away.

A total of 140 sq. m. Three bedrooms-two on the first level, one on the second level; at the first level-a lounge and a dining room. Luxury Apartment, fully comfortable and comfortable for living. Each bedroom is a combined toilet. Air-conditioners installed.

For you-all necessary audio and video equipment-TV sets (LCD and usual), audio assessor, DVD. Kitchen-dining area is fully equipped with all necessary for storage and cooking-refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, electric kettle, toaster, coffeemaker, water filter, kitchen utensiahs.

Availability is unlimited INTERNET, Wi-Fi, satellite TV.

At your disposal, four toilet units are three combined and one separate. A modern gas column has been installed. At your disposal-washing machine, hairdryer, iron, necessary toiletwork accessories and objects.

The accommodation is 6 people (2 + 2 + 2). If necessary, it is possible to use a sofa bed in the living room.

Reporting documents are provided for business travelers ( all necessary information will be provided by the Manager).


Early booking-from 5 days. Smoking is not allowed in the apartments (only by agreement - on the balcony or in designated areas). It is strictly forbidden to hold events and violation of public order ( loud sounds after 23 hours, etc.). Full booking details here.

Estimated time

Check-in-after 14 hours, check-out-before 12 PM. Early check-in or late check-out are charged extra.


Upon arrival, a security Deposit ( refundable cash Deposit for the keys, public order and the safety of property in the apartment) is paid.


Prepayment-for the first night.

Payment Methods

See all possible payment methods here.

Prepaid Return

In case of cancellation, the Deposit will be refunded only if the cancellation is made at least one month prior to arrival or at a convenient booking schedule.


Reporting documents

Reporting documents for business trips are provided ( the Manager will provide you with detailed information).

customer Reviews about the apartment:

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You know how fashionable and prestigious in the last century? He came to Petersburg, and stopped in an apartment, near Nevsky. And it was necessary to settle down if you had a claim for elitism on the second floor. Then the barber, the grocs, the chemists shops, and the chemists came in first. And above all, there are bachelors, painters, writers, and other people. Dostoyevsky wrote-From perpetual smokeless, I have not descended on the 4th floor.Theres a number three revenue house in Rubinstein Street. Architect Mikhail Makarov designed this house in 1872, the style of building eclecticism. The parade is painted with oil paint, thanks, as the Bolsheviks say, and their desire to destroy everything beautiful. But the remains of luxury can be observed. These and the wrought chains are fairy-plants with petals and flowers in the stairway, and the marble mosaic on the floor, and on the walls is filled with horrendous paint ... The heart bleeds ...We lived on the second floor, apartment number two. With huge ceilings on which the bronze chandeliers with the crystal cups and the candle-glass are attached. There are candelabra on the walls, conditioned in a single style. The walls are painted with a white matte color, are decorated with a thin slender cut and lepine. The floor is filled with woolen carpets of Arabian ornament. The living room, the bedrooms, and the three of them, the kitchen is filled with good wood furniture. In spite of the «dear enrichment» in the apartments it is very homely and homely. Accommodation equipment is all right. The gas oven and the brass cupboard are easy to use. The apartments have perfect cleanliness and order. The dishes are good, a lot of real sawn crystal, -vasons, glasses, glasses for brandy, and a glass for the cash. High quality bed linen and other home textiles. The woman Irina is a nice girl. We were all explaining the first call, but we didn» t get tired of the extra visits. In the reference to the review of our «humble» home-https://youtu.be/v5kn28pAbYYАпартамент in Rubinstein 3, my beloved, my own company of close friends remained very satisfied. Our week-long holidays have been fun, comforts and sour.Id like to recommend this to the top class rental office. Because, as Aristotle Onassis said, «To be successful, you look hot, you live in an elegant building (even if youre in the attic), be visible in good restaurants (even if you drink one drink), and if you do-borrow large.
Author: Julia    Period: January 2021 года
We were going to celebrate the husbands birthday, we were 6 people. The apartment is very clean, simple, everything in the photos. In every room on a toilet, it is very comfortable, a large dining room. The location is great! The owner of the apartment is a very nice woman, thank you very much for your hospitality! I also want to point out that two more friends came to us, and Irina kindly offered two more berths. Definitely recommend !!!
Author: Victoria    Period: December 2018 года
We came in front of the May holidays for four days, relax and relax. We were 6 people and this apartment was very happy for us, it is very comfortable for the arrival of a large company, 4 bathrooms (3 of them with a bath) it is something unimaginable! You can get a little bit of a shabby state of furniture, but it looks good, not the most comfortable mattresses, but the bed wont be fixed ... The location is one of the biggest advantages, 2 minutes from Nevsky (and you are in the middle of all the main wealth of St. Petersburg, everywhere you can walk. a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes) and there is no such traffic flow (street with one-way traffic, and there is a lot of traffic jams). There are also a huge number of bars and small restaurants. The mistress is excellent, you have moved in, and you will not see her again until you leave (though we have been modestly and humour), she lives on the first floor, and is always ready to help if. Youre gonna need something. One but if you want to cook, you will ask for the crockery, because there is only one large pan and a pan. All other conveniences for comfortable time of transmission are in order. In conclusion, I would like to say that this is not our first weekend in St. Petersburg, but this is the most convenient, spacious (despite 6 people) and a comfortable apartment! With an adequate price (6,500 per day, 26-30 April)! If we drive a big company, only here !!!
Author: Artyom    Period: April 2018 года
The apartment is great, the lady is a very nice girl. Spit two days in Peter. Thank you sutki-pitrr for a comfortable stay
Author: Alexander.     Period: November 2016 года


Operating Time:
daily from 10-00 to 22-00


House, Parking
  • Street entrance
  • Paid Parking is nearby
  • Lift
  • Windows on street
  • Closed courtyard
  • Doorphone
  • Metal door
  • Refrigerator
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Electric kettle
  • Coffee-maker
  • Electric stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Gas stove
  • Oven
  • DVD
  • Iron
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
  • TV
  • Audio system
  • WiFi
  • Electric heater
  • Cab/sat. TV
  • Divided
  • Joint
  • Tub
  • Several bathrooms
  • Hairdryer
Household items
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bed linen
  • Hygiene items
  • Ironing board
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Unusual interior
  • Water filter