Feedback from our customers

«Living in an apartment for two weeks, comfortable, comfortable, location. A little wish, a disposable slippers. »

Olga,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Everything matches the photo, very good location, cosy, clean, friendly to Dmitri! Thank you!»

Ludmila,   date of arrival: August 2020

«The apartment fully complies with the description. Clean, cozy, comfortable, beautiful. It is located right in the center, near the metro and other public transport, opposite the Kazan Cathedral. It is located inside the courtyard area, with no noise from the central snail. There is everything necessary to live with the family (hairdryer, iron, kitchen utensils, towels). I recommend it! We loved it, thank you!»

Julia,   date of arrival: August 2020

«All at level, no questions asked. The location is great. Id like to repeat that. »

Oxana,   date of arrival: July 2020

«Looks like we were lucky. This year has been repaired, quality, good, and all light. Very interesting ceiling! Apartments old fund, big room, high ceilings. There are some things missing, but its all in the process. The owners care about the apartment and their guests. And the place is posh, walking out of the yard-and directly on the waterfront, its beautiful! You can walk. Great! Thanks to the agency for the perfect choice.»

Mariana.,   date of arrival: July 2020

«Living in July. A wonderful apartment, just renovated, all elegantly tasteful. Clean, all necessary and even small. The center, the beauty of it, all the henchmen. The mistress is beautiful, thanks to the agency and manager Natalia for a great apartment, we will come again!»

Svetlana,   date of arrival: July 2020

«I join previous reviews, the apartment is really 5. Managers smart. Thank you for your hospitality and comfort. »

Eugenia,   date of arrival: July 2020

«The apartment is very good, quality. We were met on time, all explained in detail. Theres order in the apartment, absolutely everything. Were happy with the reception, thank you very much.»

Angela,   date of arrival: July 2020

«They wanted to pick up a nice apartment in the middle of the room. Thats the very case. This place is very interesting in the Art Square. The apartment is entirely arranged, the owners of Ilya and Nellie are wonderful, very responsive and caring. Make sure you know him.»

Anna.,   date of arrival: July 2020

«The apartment liked it very much! Its like a picture, even a bouquette on the table! »

Tatiana,   date of arrival: July 2020

«We stopped in an apartment in July. The weather was lucky. The four of us were living in peace. There was no problem, theres everything in the apartment for life, and its neat, clean. No need to fight. Very quiet, the windows in the courtyard. But this is the center, this is the one. Everything is close to the house-sights, museums and bars, and everything is very beautiful, you can walk and walk, impressions mass. We got the apartment fast, thanks for the hospitality of the whole family.»

Artyom,   date of arrival: July 2020

«Apartment condo. A new, newly renovated, creative, very original. The three of us, just for the baby, the second level. The sofa is comfortable. In the apartment all the little things, the landlady is beautiful, live nearby. The location is the center itself, up to Nevsky minutes 10 and everywhere on foot. Walked nearby. Near the subway. Shops, I got it. In general, everything is 100 percent comfortable, we recommend it. Thanks to the agency and manager Natalia, pleasant, professional communication.»

Julia,   date of arrival: July 2020

«A very pleasant apartment, everything was well organized, no questions arose. And the place, of course, speaks for itself. Its great. Thank you for the suggestion.»

Maria,   date of arrival: July 2020

«Nice place for two. You can have a threesome. A small but very compact, all thought is necessary. The address is beautiful, its a super center. It was a day and night, and everyone enjoyed it, thank you very much. »

Marina,   date of arrival: July 2020

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