Feedback from our customers

«A wonderful apartment, small, compact, very cosy! The location is great, beautiful street. Theres a train station, Nevsky. Its very clean, its got a lot of things, its just a little bit. The shortcomings were not found. Thank you!»

Marina,   date of arrival: November 2020

«The view from the window is great, the place is luxurious, its the center. The apartment is average, but theres nothing extra. All clear and operational. It was quite a job, and there was no price.»

A,   date of arrival: October 2020

«Perfect, even better than the photo. Great new apartment, big, spacious, very clean. The four of us were in comfort. Metro line, up to Nevsky 2. There are all of them. We had a great time. »

Oxana,   date of arrival: October 2020

«Living in an apartment for two weeks, comfortable, comfortable, location. A little wish, a disposable slippers. »

Olga,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Were thrilled!Its hard to imagine. Cozy, convenient, location3 minutes and Palace House are clean, quiet, everything is necessary. Next time, its just this way. So, thank you, Natalia, for your patience and help with your choice.»

Irina,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Its a wonderful place with the best location!There are multiple cafes in the house, a supermarket. The apartment is really very cosy and comfortable.The only way to stop this is to stop there.»

Marina,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Thank you very much for providing a 2 room apartment on the street. Ill go. 5. The apartment is large, cozy, after repair. It has everything necessary for comfortable living. The hostess is a very pleasant and sociable woman. I like the neighborhood where the house is. Theres a café where you can have lunch, a bakery. Always fresh pastries, shops. It is not far from Vladimir and Dostoyevskaya, which is very convenient. I recommend this whole apartment.»

Natalya Larina,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Living in September for three days. The apartments a lucky one. Everything is fine, warm and cozy. We went everywhere on foot. Thank you all, we really liked it, Id like to stay a little longer, but the job ...»

Maxim,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Everything in the picture, everything is quality and tasteful. Its warm. We met! Near the subway, embankment. I wish we hadnt been in Petersburg for a while, but well be back. Thanks to the agency.»

Anastasia,   date of arrival: September 2020

«The apartment is great, its small, but its very neat. Clear, heat. And the view from the windows! Its a huge balcony!We seem to have a bit of a bit of luck. I really want to go back, but its gonna work out. Thank you to the hostess, very hospitable. And the agency for the offer.»

Dmitry,   date of arrival: September 2020

«Everything matches the photo, very good location, cosy, clean, friendly to Dmitri! Thank you!»

Ludmila,   date of arrival: August 2020

«The apartment fully complies with the description. Clean, cozy, comfortable, beautiful. It is located right in the center, near the metro and other public transport, opposite the Kazan Cathedral. It is located inside the courtyard area, with no noise from the central snail. There is everything necessary to live with the family (hairdryer, iron, kitchen utensils, towels). I recommend it! We loved it, thank you!»

Julia,   date of arrival: August 2020

«The apartment is wonderful, all new, this year, qualitative. Interesting repair. Good reception. Its great, theyve had a wonderful time in Petersburg, well be there.»

Elena.,   date of arrival: August 2020

«Its a great choice. Thank you, Quiet Center, all of you. Its clear. And the main thing is a full apartment-a room, a kitchen separately. Classic. Ill come back.»

Irina,   date of arrival: August 2020

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