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This section provides a brief useful information about the features of renting apartments for a short time.

The cost of renting apartments in St. Petersburg in each case depends on several components - the number of days, the number of people, location, weekends and holidays. If you want to rent an apartment for a short period of 1-2 days, the rent can increase by an average of 15-25%. The cost of renting apartments in St. Petersburg on weekends is usually higher than on weekdays. During the holidays, the price increases by an average of 1.5 times. There is also a seasonal price increase. Apartments for rent in St. Petersburg is much more active, starting with the may holidays and inclusive of the month of October. During this period, the demand for daily housing increases sharply and prices rise accordingly. Thus, if you do not have an urgent need to visit St. Petersburg on weekends, holidays or active period, you can plan your trip in a quieter time for daily rent in St. Petersburg.

each offer indicates the price range of the cost of renting an apartment per day, depending on the above factors - a specific price is formed depending on Your request and the rental season. The total amount of rent for the entire period is determined by simply multiplying the cost per day by the number of days. no Additional fees!

Upon check-in to the apartment, a security deposit is charged (a security deposit for keys, safety, property and public order), which is returned to the card after cleaning the apartment, subject to the agreed conditions. Security deposit - in the amount of payment per day, when booking for holidays and for long periods - two days in advance.

Estimated time: check - in at 15:00, check-out at 12:00. Night and early check-in before 8 am or check-out after 18 hours are charged extra in the amount of the whole day. Check - in after 8 am or check-out before 18 PM-0,5 days. Attention! During the high season ( from may to September) any early check-in and any late check-out are paid as a whole day!

Activities, noisy parties ( unless the apartment is provided specifically for such purposes) and disturbing public order are not allowed in the apartment. In this case, the owner or Manager has the right to demand to vacate the apartment without refund of security Deposit.

Smoking is not allowed in apartments ( with very few exceptions)! Only in designated areas or on the balcony!

You can view the options of apartments, make a reservation request or discuss the relevant options on the phone numbers listed on the website or e-mail. For the mutual guarantee recommend You to book an apartment (see section booking). The apartment is considered booked after prepayment. Before making a prepayment, you will receive a pre-booking confirmation with all the necessary information on Your arrival to Your e-mail address. If the information is correct, within 3 hours ( if it is not late in the evening) You need to make an advance payment for the first day of the lease (in some cases - for long periods and on holidays - for 2 days). The prepayment Amount is included in the rental price!

After the prepayment is made, a final confirmation of the reservation for the specific apartment will be sent to your email address with the contact person for the check-in. You need to call the contact person a few days before arrival!

Booking for the day is possible only on the previous day in the evening or directly on the day of arrival, booking for 2-3 days - 2-3 days before arrival. On holidays, early booking is carried out for a rental period of 5 days, for a short period - a few days before arrival.

In some cases, when renting apartments or apartments for rent in St. Petersburg, discounts may be provided - in the "low season"; when booking for a long time; when handling again; if the rental period corresponds to convenient intervals in the schedule of daily rent for this apartment; in non-standard situations. Discounts are unlikely in the "high season" and during periods of increased activity of daily rent apartments in St. Petersburg.

A refund of the prepayment is possible if the reservation is canceled more than a month in high season and 2 weeks in low season; as well as by agreement, if the cancellation of the reservation is not currently a "force majeure" situation.

Reporting documents are Provided. For more information, please contact the rental Manager.

Sample rental agreement on arrival see here.

rent apartments, apartments for rent assumes a level of comfort corresponding to a home comfortable apartment of a certain class. To make it easier to navigate and make a choice, we present you a conditional classification of apartments and apartments according to the level of comfort and price category.

Classification of apartments on the site

Class apartments "economy". Apartments of this category should be at least renovated, neat, have a sufficient set of furniture-comfortable beds, wardrobe, table, chairs, kitchen furniture, a sufficient set of household appliances - necessarily TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, iron (not always in such an apartment can be available washing machine, microwave, hair dryer, small appliances), necessary household items-bedding, kitchen utensils. Internet is available.

Class Apartments "standard". As a rule, these are more spacious apartments, which differ from the previous class in the level of repair (including common areas), the condition and number of pieces of furniture, the number of household items provided - household appliances, necessary accessories. Definitely expected on the Internet.

Apartments "business" class designed for a more pretentious tenant and suggest a much higher level of comfort and service - a spacious comfortable apartment with a good level of repair, modern new furniture. They are much better equipped technically-it is assumed to provide modern audio, video equipment and household appliances ( including small), mandatory provision of high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi. In such an apartment should be everything you need and of good quality-bedding, kitchen, toiletries, household items.

"Luxury " superior apartments, located most often in the prestigious areas of the Central part of the city. This is usually an improved housing plan with spacious bedrooms and rooms, often with designer renovation, expensive, perhaps exclusive furniture, air conditioning, modern high-quality audio and video equipment, satellite TV, wireless high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi. The kitchen in these apartments is fully equipped and equipped with all necessary appliances ( including a dishwasher). Bathroom and toilet ( and sometimes there are two or even three) should also meet the high level of comfort — spacious, comfortable with new quality plumbing. Textiles, tableware - "European & quot; quality. Apartments of this class are usually not higher than 2-3 floors, especially if there is no Elevator in the house. It is also very important for apartments of this level, the availability of Parking in a closed courtyard, secure Parking or, at least, the availability of secure paid Parking near the house.

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