#612   One-room flat on the Mythninskaya Embankment in the center of the city on the Petrograd Side

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— A one-bedroom apartment on the Mythninskaya Embankment in the center of the city on the Petrograd side, 8 minutes walk from the metro station "Sporting". The magnificent views of Neva, Petropavlovsk Fortress, the Arrow of Vasiliev Island, the Winter Palace, the Isaac Cathedral. You are facing almost the entire panorama of the central embankment.
Comfort class
42 m2
3 in 5
Price a day
from 2400 rub.*

Due to the situation, prices by season may be lower, please specify!

Rates are seasonal

Low seasonMiddle seasonHigh season
2400 - 3000 rub.2600 - 3200 rub.3000 - 4000 rub.
~ nov.- march~ sept., oct., apr.~ may - sept.

* During the white nights and holidays the price may exceed
the maximum price of the season!  More about the seasons and prices

This apartment has a reviews.

On map:

Address:Mytninskaya naberejnaya, d. 9
From metro:~800m


Reporting documents are provided for business travelers ( all necessary information will be provided by the Manager).


Early booking-from 5 days. Smoking is not allowed in the apartments (only by agreement - on the balcony or in designated areas). It is strictly forbidden to hold events and violation of public order ( loud sounds after 23 hours, etc.). Full booking details here.

Estimated time

Check-in-after 14 hours, check-out-before 12 PM. Early check-in or late check-out are charged extra.


Upon arrival, a security Deposit ( refundable cash Deposit for the keys, public order and the safety of property in the apartment) is paid.


Prepayment-for the first night.

Payment Methods

See all possible payment methods here.

Prepaid Return

In case of cancellation, the Deposit will be refunded only if the cancellation is made at least one month prior to arrival or at a convenient booking schedule.


Reporting documents

Reporting documents for business trips are provided ( the Manager will provide you with detailed information).

customer Reviews about the apartment:

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Looks like we were lucky. This year has been repaired, quality, good, and all light. Very interesting ceiling! Apartments old fund, big room, high ceilings. There are some things missing, but its all in the process. The owners care about the apartment and their guests. And the place is posh, walking out of the yard-and directly on the waterfront, its beautiful! You can walk. Great! Thanks to the agency for the perfect choice.
Author: Mariana.    Period: July 2020 года
Thank you, agent. Its a perfect choice. Its a very convenient location. -To all the sights. Welcome to the hostess. Very pleased.
Author: Andrew    Period: June 2018 года
A very attentive woman, a very attentive good-natuary woman, advised the owner of the place to buy the house.
Author: Larissa    Period: December 2017 года
The agency is all very well, quickly, without cheating, quality. The apartment is perfect and it is very good that the windows are not on the waterfront, or you can listen to the river bikers before morning. The hostess is a friendly, cheerful, merry, good-natuary. The apartment itself requires repairs (wallpaper, plumbing), did not enjoy the little towels and lack of disposable slippers (in the previous apartment all personal hygiene items were in full size and normal size). The result is to use the services of the agency, but the apartments and conditions will be very carefully selected.
Author: Andrew    Period: July 2017 года

Андрей, спасибо Вам за подробный, объективный отзыв! Приносим Вам свои извинения за неудобства!&brrДа, действительно, в квартире уже пора делать косметический ремонт. Мы это не раз уже обсуждали с хозяйкой. Но у нее на данный момент нет такой возможности. Она старается делать все возможное - в этом году поменяна вся мебель в комнате ( кроме стола), на кухне - сама кухонная стенка и стол. Все новое. &brrОбязательно передадим всю информацию хозяйке с пожеланиями, по возможности, в ближайшее время приступить к ремонту. Она сама заинтересована в этом, так как стоимость аренды повысится. Есть все стимулы, но нет финансовой возможности. &brrПорекомендуем приобрести дополнительные полотенца. По поводу одноразовых тапочек - к сожалению, далеко не в каждой квартире они присутствуют, на данный момент - это личная инициатива арендодателей, мы можем только обратить на это внимание. &brrЕще раз спасибо Вам за отзыв, нам очень важна информация от наших клиентов! В следующий раз мы постараемся предложить Вам более качественный вариант!

With respect, administration site

The general is satisfied. Its a good residence. The apartment is spacious and bright with all conveniences, close to the centre. The hostess is welcoming and not disturbing. Well, everything was fine!Thank you!
Author: Lily    Period: May 2017 года
Book from Cheboksary. Our residence in St. Petersburg went well. You didn» t lie to your apartment. Very grateful! The arrival, residence and departure went very well, without any surprises. No additional cost except for the amount initially specified on the telephone. The booking manager called immediately, gave explanations on all the issues of interest. Both the manager and the subject of the rented housing were always in contact. The apartment was picked up by a very comfortable one. The agenism works without cheating. The council. I also plan to cooperate with this agency in the future. Ill tell you, too. The main thing is, theres no town left in the street.::br::
Author: Tatiana    Period: April 2017 года
The apartment is very comfortable. Its a 15-minute walk to the Palace Square. Thank you so much for your choice, youre happy.
Author: Andrew    Period: January 2017 года
Everything is very good, the apartments location is excellent, the apartment is not very clean.I had to wash her tablecloth first. A big request, try to wash the flats and clean the flats before you sow people ...
Author: Vitaly! !!!    Period: December 2016 года

Уважаемый Виталий, Все предыдущие отзывы по этой квартире были положительными. Спасибо Вам большое за отзыв и ценную информацию! Обязательно проведем необходимую работу, чтобы все последующие заселения соответствовали уровням стандарта. Приносим Вам свои самые искренние извинения! 7-го декабря в квартире был наш фотограф, впечатление на момент фотосессии благоприятное. В будущем будем контролировать ситуацию и, надеемся, что квартира будет выглядеть и в действительности, как на новых фото http://sutki-piter.ru/showflat.php?id=612 .

With respect, administration site

Good time of the day! We had a family of 3 people in this apartment from August 5 to August 15, 2015. Before we went ahead, we were looking at different options, where we could stop ... and, having analyzed the prices of hotels and rent apartments, had come to the conclusion that it was much more appropriate to rent the apartment ... then looked at the various agencies and concluded that the agency Suthki-Peter was perfect for us, and we were not wrong! The agents came to us with understanding and soul, picked up an apartment. Agent named Tamara, thank you very much for taking care of us. If we summarize the agencys overall work, I will deliver five. I made a reservation for a one-bedroom apartment at the MIA. The apartment is very clean, cozy. It was very friendly and pleasant to meet us, and the mistress of Larissa turned out to be a good woman and a cheerful woman, « said the towns interesting places. I will also note that the apartment is located in a prestigious district, in the yard a playful playground, very friendly residents. The apartment has all the necessary things, including utensils and household appliances. Oh, come on! Thank you very much. When we go back to your beautiful city, we will definitely turn to you! Andrei.
Author: Andrew    Period: August 2015 года
Nice and comfortable apartment. the place is quiet and close to all the sights. Good housewife, special redraft) thanks to the agency and the hostess for the wonderful rest!
Author: Julia    Period: July 2015 года
The apartment is good, in a very convenient place-near the stop of public transport, metro, shop with normal (non-tourist) prices. The Palace Square is a 15-minute walk from the Palace Square. Walking through the arrow of the Vasiliev Island to the Winter Palace is a pleasure. The owner of the apartment is a douchey, not very modern furniture. Everything else matches the description. And the place is very good!
Author: Alice    Period: July 2015 года


Operating Time:
daily from 10-00 to 22-00


House, Parking
  • Street entrance
  • Windows to yard
  • Free Parking in yard
  • Paid Parking is nearby
  • Lift
  • Closed courtyard
  • Doorphone
  • Metal door
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Electric kettle
  • Electric stove
  • Gas stove
  • Oven
  • Iron
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
  • TV
  • WiFi
  • Divided
  • Tub
  • Hairdryer
Household items
  • Dryer
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Ironing board
  • Glass unit
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Comfortable with children