Where to rent a house for daily rent in St. Petersburg?

If you are going to come to St. Petersburg for a short period of time-a few days, a week or a month, you need to choose a convenient accommodation option in advance. Trying to rent accommodation in St. Petersburg the day before or on the day of arrival, most likely you will encounter some difficulties: in the summer all the hotels and apartments for rent in St. Petersburg will be occupied, and the cost of free accommodation options may not match the proposed comfort. During the low season and in a limited time You have to spend a lot of effort, nerves and time. After reviewing a lot of unsuitable proposals, most likely you will stop at the option that does not meet Your initial expectations.

Where can I rent a house in such conditions?

1. At the station you can meet people with signs offering you the contact details of persons willing to provide housing for rent. You may also be offered to take immediately to the place of residence. Most likely, the conditions and cost of living will greatly confuse you. We do not recommend to agree to such options, you must at least initially have a visual representation of the accommodation (photos or videos), a description of amenities, to know the specific conditions of residence that will not change upon arrival.

2. Find in Internet search engines links to offers apartments without intermediariesor housing in St. Petersburg from the owners. Calling a lot of options,you will come to the conclusion that most of them will be from rental agents offering for a large Commission ( about 50%) to rent a house in St. Petersburg, which, probably, they have never seen. After many calls, you may be able to contact the landlord directly. If you are looking for accommodation in the summer, such accommodation options will already be occupied, and the cost specified in the offer — not relevant. However, with some perseverance, it is possible to find a free option, but often, arriving at the place, you will see that the photos are very different from the real picture.

3. Find a hotel on the Internet or by advertising signs. As a rule, this method is convenient if you are traveling alone or together; in other cases, for a family with children or several people the cost of living will be high. The level of comfort in St. Petersburg hotels also leaves much to be desired (unless it is of course 4-5 star hotels, which are also far from European standards). In summer, the number of free places in hotels is limited.

4. Contact the real estate Agency, one of the activities of which is the daily delivery of housing in St. Petersburg. As a rule, you will be offered several accommodation options with a Commission of about 50%, providing scant information about the apartment, non-professional photos. You may also encounter so-called news agencies, which for a small amount will offer you several attractive options that will not be in reality. Or you will be offered to sign a contract, where as a service it will be indicated "Provision of information on accommodation facilities". The service is paid, but in the case of not providing such information money is not returned. This is a fairly common type of fraud.

5. Contact the company booking accommodation for rent in St. Petersburg. Such companies specialize in renting apartments for rent, have all the relevant information; the Commission for services, as a rule, is much lower than other intermediaries in the real estate sector. Many agencies in fact provide inappropriate service. Look for reviews of such companies on the Internet, specify how long the company exists. When contacting You should get full information about the housing: high-quality photos posted on the company's website, a detailed description of the amenities available in the apartment. The booking Manager is a competent specialist who is interested in choosing the accommodation option that suits you. It is recommended to contact the booking company about a month before the arrival time. If Your period is from one day to three days, the accommodation options You will be able to offer only a few days before arrival, due to the specifics of booking on the schedule of employment of apartments. You also need to be ready to make an advance payment for the first night, as this condition is a guarantee of arrival for the owner of the property and the company. The company in electronic form sends to Your address the confirmation of booking of housing with indication of necessary requisites of the company ( TIN, check point) and the electronic seal of the organization.

We Hope that these tips on finding housing in St. Petersburg will be useful for you.

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