The Stadium Gazprom Arena

a large - scale project-a new stadium "Gazprom arena", popularly called "Zenit arena" or "Peter arena", was implemented in the Petrograd district for the 2018 world Cup. It is the largest venue in St. Petersburg and the most visited stadium in Eastern Europe, operating 365 days a year. Thanks to the unique sliding roof with a diameter of 286 meters, it is possible to hold events at any time of the year, in any weather and in the most comfortable conditions. The internal area is 262,000 square meters, which gives an additional opportunity, along with sports events, to hold major exhibitions, seminars, conferences, shows, concerts, music festivals, etc. the capacity of the stadium is up to 68,000 people.

The stadium was built in the Western part of Krestovsky island, facing the Gulf of Finland. The author of the project is Japanese architect Kise Kurokawa. Built on the site of the old stadium.S. M. Kirov with partial preservation of the building. Also preserved-the location of the football field, cash pavilions, monument to S. M. Kirov.

Successful location. It is within walking distance from three metro stations (one of them" Novokrestovskaya " was introduced specifically for the opening of the championship 2018), located close to the center. Next to the stadium is the ZSD (Western high-speed diameter) - toll road. For the 2018 championship, a pedestrian Yacht bridge was built connecting Yacht street in Primorsky district with Krestovsky island in the stadium area. This is the longest and highest pedestrian bridge in St. Petersburg. Also before matches and after matches from some metro stations free Shuttle buses run (with the route and schedule can be found on the Internet). For visitors on their own transport provided two-tier Parking. On the territory of the stadium developed a network of cafes and restaurants with quality service.

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