Apartments for daily rent in St. Petersburg on the city map

In this publication, we want to guide our guests around the districts of St. Petersburg. Rent an apartment for daily rent in St. Petersburg is very common and covers the entire city.

The most attractive for tourists is "golden triangle" The Northern capital. This is the area from the embankments of the Neva - Dvortsovaya and Admiralteiskaya and along Nevsky Prospekt to Fontanka with the nearest blocks adjacent to Nevsky Prospekt on both sides. From here, St. Petersburg began and the most important sights of the city are concentrated here. Therefore, many of our guests seek to rent an apartment for daily rent in St. Petersburg in this area, in the elite city center, so that they can walk at any time of the day, have the opportunity to run home and relax between walks and excursions. It saves a lot of time, effort and money to move around the city, and walking is possible even at night - when the movement of public transport is quiet, and bridges are being built.

The second most attractive area for visitors to our city is the part of Nevsky Prospekt from Fontanka to Ligovsky Prospekt and, accordingly, to Moskovsky Railway Station - the main station in the city, through which the bulk of passenger traffic from other cities and, first of all, from Moscow passes. Some of the guests need this location for various reasons, and some of the guests are simply afraid to move away a long distance from the main landmark and simply get lost in an unfamiliar city. Rent an apartment for daily rent near the Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg is also not difficult through our resource Day-Peter, which will offer you a huge selection of options for different levels of comfort and in any area of the city.

Often tourists and business guests simply prefer to rent an apartment for daily rent in St. Petersburg in one of the central districts. 4 Centralniy, Admiralteyskiy, Petrogradskiy and Vasileostrovskiy. The first two are adjacent to the Neva River from the side of Nevsky Prospekt and at night do not depend on the divorced bridges, the other two are located on the opposite bank of the Neva River and guests can create difficulties during night walks around the city. But nevertheless, rent apartments for daily rent in the center of St. Petersburg is also popular.

Among the other districts of St. Petersburg, there are more close to the center and more remote. The choice of an apartment in Moscowskiy,Krasnogvardeyskiy, Frunzenskiy, Primorskiy, Vyborgskiy and any other area of Saint-Petersburg depends on the purpose of Your trip. In any case, we will offer you options and advise you on issues related to the location of certain objects in the city, the specifics and infrastructure of the districts as a whole.

Come here! St. Petersburg is hospitable and ready to provide you with comfortable, cozy St. Petersburg apartments for daily rent for a short period of time.

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