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Among the apartments for daily rent in St. Petersburg, there is a segment of view apartments. They are much smaller, since the main number of apartments, especially in a noisy and busy center, overlook the courtyard or a quiet square. And this is justified, since the tourist flow, even in the winter months, is very large in St. Petersburg and life in the city center is active almost around the clock.

If you rent an apartment for rent in St. Petersburg in the city center and want to fully relax at night after a busy walk around the city, you will, of course, prefer comfort and silence. View apartments are associated with increased noise and increased lighting. But if you do not mind and you want to enjoy the magnificent views of St. Petersburg around the clock, you can use the selection on our website and choose a beautiful view apartment for rent in St. Petersburg. This can be an apartment with a view of the Central embankments of the Neva river or the embankments of the Central rivers-Moika, Fontanka, Griboyedov canal. This can be an apartment with a view of Nevsky Prospekt or one of the Central streets of the city. This can be, for example, an attic apartment with a view of the roofs of St. Petersburg - and this has its own romance.

A big advantage of view apartments is the balcony - even a small balcony increases the view for the observer. And if it is a spacious balcony with a place to relax or even a terrace ( Yes, there are such things) - You will get the maximum pleasure from contemplating the magnificent pictures of a beautiful city. There is another caveat associated with renting view apartments - they are more expensive! This is due to their popularity and significant advantages for the tenant. But it's worth it!

If you want to get the maximum pleasure from visiting the Northern capital and the most memorable experience, no doubt rent a view apartment for daily rent in St. Petersburg! We will provide you with the maximum information on this segment of apartments!

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