Apartments for rent in St. Petersburg-how is the price of renting an apartment

When forming the price, it is necessary to focus on the market value of housing for rent in St. Petersburg and imagine what components it consists of.

Let's analyze.

the cost of renting a one-room apartment for a long time in the residential area of St. Petersburg is currently about 21 thousand rubles per month. If you translate on a day - 700 rubles a day. The average occupancy of the apartment for daily rent in low season in practice is about 70-80%. If you recalculate the cost of daily rent, taking into account occupancy, it turns out about 950 rubles. per day. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the cost of cleaning and Laundry, as well as the costs associated with the visit of the owner at check-in and check-out. The average booking period is 4-5 days. It turns out about 6 settlements per month. Cleaning and Laundry can be estimated at about 500-600 RUB Priplyusuem this amount and get about 1100 rubles per day. Note also that the owner has costs associated with the publication of ads, risks of damage to property, etc., which also need to be included in the calculation.

the main purpose for the landlord is to obtain additional income. This part is about 30%.

Thus, the cost of one-bedroom apartments of economy-class apartment in St. Petersburg in a residential area of approximately 1500-1600 rubles per day.

Using the described method, similarly, you can get the cost of daily rent in St. Petersburg 2,3,4-room apartments. For the calculation it is necessary to lay the cost of renting an appropriate apartment for a long time in St. Petersburg and additional costs to this amount when renting an apartment in St. Petersburg.

it is Worth noting that to assess the cost of rent apartments in the center of St. Petersburg should take into account 15-20% of the additional cost. This is due to the fact that the apartments in the center are in great demand and, in this case, the market mechanism of differentiated supply works.

we Hope that these fairly simple cost guidelines will be useful for planning your future trip.

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