Long-term apartment rentals in Saint Petersburg

our website has a new section on < a href="/en/dlitelno">long-term apartment rentals in Saint Petersburg. The offers presented in this section are especially relevant now, in the current situation, as well as during the low season. Some options may be offered during high season.

At the moment, prices are very low for the next 1-3 months. This section presents 1-2-3-4-room apartments for long-term rent in Saint Petersburg. Depending on the situation, prices may be adjusted in the future. All apartments are fully landscaped, the site for each option provides a very detailed description, professional portfolio and video review. This way you can get as much preliminary information as possible. It is also mandatory to view the apartment and conclude a contract. If you rent in advance, you will need to pay a security Deposit so that this Option is assigned to You. Also, upon check-in, a security Deposit is made, which is negotiated in advance. We are waiting for your requests and are ready to offer You the best option for a long-term stay in Saint Petersburg!

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