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Unfortunately, there are not many of them and they are very popular. Of course, a beautiful view of the Neva embankment, Nevsky Prospekt or Bank bridge, for example, with winged griffins will only add inspiration from communicating with the beautiful city! If you have a dream to live in such an apartment during your trip, it will definitely come true! You just need to create an intention, "conjure" a little - that is, work hard, and you have a nice apartment "in your pocket". Yes, it is true, a little extra-but this is the details, it's worth it. The views are really beautiful! Imagine, right from the Windows or, even better - from the balcony, you see the unreal magic Church of the Savior on spilled Blood, reflected in the quivering waters of the Griboyedov canal! Or, like a Mirage, before Your eyes-the monumental Kazan Cathedral! And the embankments of the Neva river or the romantic embankments of the Fontanka river are the topics of individual excursions! Come here! We made a selection on the site " View apartments for daily rent in St. Petersburg" - we hope that it will be useful to You.

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