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On the University embankment opposite one of the buildings of St. Petersburg State University there are two more interesting sights.

The first is a sign that the first floating bridge across the Neva was installed at this place. It happened in 1727 by order of A. D. Menshikov. The bridge connected the Admiralty and Vasilevsky island. It consisted of boats, put on the anchors, they were thrown runs and laid the flooring. In two places there were drawbridges and the bridge was regularly divorced at night. The bridge did not last long and in the same year was dismantled, so as not to obstruct the passage of ships. But in 1732 was built again and regularly erected every year, sometimes changing place-moving upstream. When the Annunciation bridge was built, the floating bridge was built on the site of the current Palace bridge - and when it began to build-moved downstream. The floating bridge lasted until 1916.

The second very interesting attraction is the monument "the Opened book" or, its individual name "Message through the centuries". It is made of gray granite, the size of the monument is 365x240x90 cm. on the open pages of the book are carved poems from the poem "the Bronze horseman". Established October 25, 202. Authors-Evelina Solovyova, Oleg Romanov, Abram Raskin and PO "Revival". Symbolically, the monument "the Open book" stands in front of the monument "the Bronze Horseman" on the other side of the Neva.

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