How to choose an apartment in St. Petersburg: first-hand recommendations

More recently, daily rent was considered quite rare and not in demand service, enjoyed it a few and the quality of the apartments left much to be desired. Now a completely different situation - in the market of apartments for rent offers a very large selection of apartments and among them a lot of decent. In the field of daily rent there are healthy natural processes, namely the natural selection, which brings to the market better offers and more responsible landlords.

Nevertheless, for some reason it is still difficult for the tenant to navigate in the variety of information offered, it is difficult to make a decision and give preference to one or another option of renting apartments. What are the difficulties that do not allow you to quickly and easily determine the choice of daily housing? They're not on the surface. Let me introduce you to our view on this problem and give you our version of the state in which at the moment is now very popular, but, unfortunately, not quite civilized service daily rental.

We work in St. Petersburg. This service is most active in large cities and, first of all, in St. Petersburg-the tourist capital of not only Russia but also Abroad. We most understand the situation on the market of daily rent in our city; we assume that it also reflects the patterns of development of this area and in other cities of Russia.

Note for users of Internet are numerous resources with a huge number of options and, in the first place, "the owners", "no middleman", "no fee" and so I Must say that at the moment is primarily a "publicity stunt" to attract visitors to a specific resource, as in fact it turns out that most of the offers advertised it is not obvious intermediaries, as do advertising people who have professional and financial opportunities, so they can place their offers in a more attractive position. As a rule, the owners and those who are engaged in the management of apartments ( and it is very time-consuming) are not able to advertise their facilities and entrust this task to intermediaries. It is very difficult to combine the maintenance of apartments and their promotion at the same time, since both areas require a lot of time and physical costs. As the saying goes - "boots are made by a shoemaker, and pies are baked by a pieman"...

This is the first "pitfall" faced by the future potential tenant. Let's move on...

Suppose that You managed to find a very attractive and suits You in all respects the option of the host. There is a question of trust, as for booking you need to transfer a prepayment. Does the object really exist? It is a very serious issue, because now the Internet advertised numerous offers from scammers. Does it match the description? How decent is the landlord and will there be any problems when checking in? The fact that You will transfer money to a fraudster is still half a problem, the main difficulty-if you find yourself without housing, especially during active periods of rent.

Therefore, along with Internet resources through which You can directly contact the advertiser, there were intermediary sites that offer to make an advance payment or partial payment through this site, while guaranteeing the existence of the object and the solution of possible problems when settling. Here their " pitfalls.".. The existence of the object can be guaranteed ( there are ways to check the advertiser), but it is impossible to guarantee the declared state of the object, since no one checks the object. In this case, a refund of the prepayment is guaranteed, but it does not solve the problems of accommodation, as no alternative options are offered. This again can be a very big challenge during the active rental period.

Some landlords offer reservations without prepayment. Think carefully before you hope for such an option. Most likely ( if it is not an urgent booking for the day or on the day of arrival) - it is unscrupulous landlords who agree with several potential tenants ( for added security), and before arrival choose the most convenient option. Well, if they move You somewhere ( though it is not known where), the situation is more complicated-when You stay on the street during the active rental period.

What can be the safest and most convenient when looking for options to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg or Russian cities? First of all, the old tried and tested method - recommendations. Very well, if Your friends have already visited the city and very well spent time living in a nice, cozy and comfortable apartment. But here, not without difficulties-as always works subjective factor and element of luck: first, You can for some subjective, purely personal reasons, not "like" this apartment; secondly, the apartment, which you have recommended friends, may be just busy at The time of your arrival. When searching for an apartment in social networks, there are similar problems. And You again have to go back to the search!

What is the solution at first glance simple, but in fact such an ambiguous problem of finding housing for rent in St. Petersburg or any other city?

your good assistant in this difficult task, oddly enough, may be a local Agency for booking apartments in St. Petersburg or any city in Russia. It would seem, at first glance, it is a mediator. What you may be interested in cooperation with the company booking apartments in St. Petersburg or another city in Russia? There are a lot of advantages.

the First is a huge selection of options from the most simple to VIP, as the company aims to meet the needs of any degree of comfort.

the second undeniable advantage is reliability. The company has a long-term, serious relationship with landlords and it is the most reliable guarantor of secure accommodation booking in St. Petersburg and any other city. You will never be let down and in case of unforeseen circumstances You can always be sure of providing a worthy alternative.

the Third advantage, which is not on the surface-the price! Oddly enough, it is in the Agency often You can find an inexpensive and completely suits You in terms of options. For many years of work there is an extensive Fund of offers of apartments for rent, and the specialist has a large amount of relevant information, among which are constant promotions, last minute offers and special offers. Here you can find an apartment for rent cheap in St. Petersburg or any city in Russia. The company cooperates with landlords who do not have the opportunity to advertise their property and provide the company with special prices; it can also be convenient on schedule intervals for which the price is reduced; it can also be special conditions for which the landlord goes, if he is interested in booking.

an Additional advantage when working with a professional - saving your time. It is no secret that in search of the desired option apartments in St. Petersburg or another city sometimes have to sit on the Internet for days and not always achieve the desired result. The specialist will cope with this task quickly and easily! And what is important - on the part of a professional You will always find an attentive attitude to Your request, correct and respectful communication.

here it is necessary to make a reservation-the company also needs to be selected. Criteria for selection can be different factors. The first indicator is a comfortable and respectful communication at the first contact with a specialist. Next, you need to assess the status of the company; the level of Internet resources representing the company; the level of competence of a specialist on daily rent in St. Petersburg and Russian cities. You can search for reviews on the Internet ( although they are not always objective and often contradictory). We all have sufficient life and professional experience and, of course, important information regarding the trust or distrust of a specialist will tell you Your own intuition.

We Hope that our modest analysis will help you to avoid those "pitfalls"that await You on the way to solving such a difficult task as search for housing for rent in St. Petersburg or any other city of our vast country. A successful search!

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