Unusual excursions in St. Petersburg

Hardly any other city will provide you with such an abundance of information and unusual stories. Tours of St. Petersburg are diverse and exciting. In addition to the traditional thematic city will offer you a lot of unusual excursions, including "Unusual courtyards and Grand entrances", "Unusual monuments", "Places of power of St. Petersburg", "Places of fulfillment of desires", "on the roofs of St. Petersburg", "Mystical Petersburg", " New Holland. Secrets and myths", "St. Petersburg night", "Gastronomic Petersburg", "Tour of the purchases of St. Petersburg" , "Abandoned estates", "Informal Petersburg", Cycling in the city center, kayaking on the Central rivers and canals, excursions on motorcycles and even-flying over the city center! And this is not a complete list of exclusive reviews. Come and see for yourself! Day-Peter invites you to rent in comfort apartments for daily rent in the center of St. Petersburg!

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