Golden time in Pavlovsk

Pavlovsk is an elite suburb located 35 km from St. Petersburg. Pavlovsk Park covers an area of about 600 hectares and is considered one of the largest parks in Europe. Since its creation, it is considered the best landscape Park in the world. A good choice of location in the picturesque valley of the Slavyanka river with its numerous bends, a harmonious combination of landscape ensembles and architectural structures allowed to create a unique look of a country residence. The Palace and Park ensemble was originally built as the summer residence of Paul I and his family. But soon enough, Paul, passionate about creating his own small army, moved to Gatchina, presented to him by Catherine II and Pavlovsk gradually becomes the property of his wife Maria Feodorovna. After the death of Paul I Maria Feodorovna permanently moved to Pavlovsk, which becomes for her "promised land" and where she spends almost five decades. The uniqueness and charm of the Pavlovsk Palace and Park ensemble is entirely the merit of Maria Fyodorovna. A woman with elegant taste and numerous talents, she invested in his "child" all the strength of his soul. The Park has to solitude and tranquility, special harmony of the soul and the flight of inspiration, has an attractive magical power. Want to come back here again and again. And like a good autumn days in the Park! Luxury Golden autumn, particularly to the face Pavlovian nature. Be sure to come and enjoy the Golden time of leaf fall in the Pavlovsk residence. Pavlovsky Park is modest, Catherine's regular Park in Pushkin is much more pompous and therefore the bulk of travelers visit it first of all, forgetting or simply not knowing that there is such a "pearl" nearby. Make a discovery for yourself-visit Pavlovsk Park and especially in autumn. Fabulous landscape paintings and a special state of mind will stay with You for a long time.

To get to the Park is very convenient-by taxi from the metro station "Moskovskaya" (travel time about 40 minutes) or by train from Vitebsk station ( also about 40 minutes).

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