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Information on these pages will allow you to quickly, without much fuss to cope with the problem of selection of housing for a short time. You come on a tour, on a business trip, to meet with friends or loved one and You need as soon as possible to cope with the problem of finding housing and organization of life. There are different accommodation options.

Depending on Your preferences and capabilities these can be expensive apartments in big hotels, rooms in mini-hotels, private places in hostels and so on In any case, when checking into hotels, mini-hotels, hostels and charged, usually per person or per room with a limited number of people. An alternative to this scheme of housing-rent an apartment in St. Petersburg.

Example sentences on the website:

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Two- rooms
The very center
Business class
Subway: Mayakovskaya ~430м
Beds: 2+2+1
Square: 76 m
from 4500 P
on map Detail
has video
One- room
Golden triangle
Business class
Subway: Nevskiy pr. ~390м
Beds: 2+1
Square: 30 m
from 2500 P
on map Detail
has video
Three- rooms
Business class
Subway: Chernyshevskaya ~910м
Beds: 2+2+1
Square: 62 m
from 5000 P
on map Detail

What are the advantages of accommodation in the apartment for a short period? There are several.

The First and probably the most important: apartments for rent in St. Petersburg are real savings when looking for housing, as you rent an apartment together, family, company or just a group of friends and at the same time pay for the whole apartment.

The Second advantage of renting an apartment for a day in St. Petersburg is that you live autonomously, completely independently, there is no secret control over You that exists in hotels and hotels.

And the third - apartment for rent in St. Petersburg - it is much more comfortable accommodation in terms of organization of life, in other words - this is more home that You may have used to and You prefer. At the same time, the apartment for a short period in St. Petersburg involves the provision of all necessary amenities corresponding to a home comfortable apartment. You have the right to choose-you can cook at home, visit cafes or restaurants - in any case, you have an alternative.

Also short - term accommodation in St. Petersburg in an apartment is a quieter option, you do not worry about the administration and people living nearby - that is, in General, the bustle of the hotel complex does not concern you in any way.

We are very happy if our website will help you solve such a difficult problem as finding a home. We will help you rent an apartment for a week or a month in Saint Petersburg, as well as for a long time.

Depending on your budget, you can rent an apartment in St. Petersburg of a certain level (economy, standard, Euro) in the center or located at a certain distance from the center of the areas. The apartment for a short term not in the center of St. Petersburg is located, as a rule, near the metro and you do not have to spend a lot of time to move anywhere in the city. The developed infrastructure of St. Petersburg, a variety of transport opportunities,the emergence of new transport interchanges will allow you to feel quite mobile in our city.

If you are aiming to be within walking distance of all the main attractions of the city, wander around the city at night, take part in the festivities or the object of Your business trip is located in the center - the most convenient option of rental housing, of course, in the Central areas. If you visit St. Petersburg during the white nights, it is probably important that the apartment was on the" right " side of the Neva river and you feel complete independence from the time of bridges and could get home at any time of the day.

When You are looking for on the Internet offers without any mediators, it is necessary to note that, first, in fact it can be proposals from the mediators, and second, You can encounter unscrupulous owners and managers - while the company provides additional guarantees, thanks to which You can be sure that in case of force majeure circumstances you will always be given a decent alternative-apartments of the same level or higher with the preservation of the price. Third, the Agency specializing in the provision of apartments defines a small Commission, as the main dividends it receives from the number of apartments in contrast to agencies specializing in long-term lease, and receiving requests for daily rent is very rare and therefore determining the Commission at least twice as high. The Agency for daily rent is looking for a reasonable compromise between the price of the owner and the total price of the lease - in other words, the owner you rent the same apartment more expensive than he gives it to the agent. Thus, the percentage of the Commission is much less. And for You-more comfortable not to spend a lot of time and effort to find housing, and to provide this work to a specialist.

About how to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg for a day you can read in the section Daily rent .

For selection, you can use the search or view the full list of apartments and make a choice. To book an apartment, go to "booking" and fill in the form..

Renting an apartment is a reasonable alternative to hotels. This independence, and comfortable accommodation and real savings of Your money. Rent an apartment can be inexpensive. In contrast to the hotel, where the fee is charged per person, you pay for the apartment, and depending on the number of people added only a small factor. In this regard, rent for a day is much more profitable. At the same time, apartments for a short period in St. Petersburg involves the provision of all necessary amenities corresponding to a home comfortable apartment.

We will find you an apartment for a couple of days, a week or a month in the center of St. Petersburg, or in residential areas. Here you can find both expensive apartments and economy class. If you are from St. Petersburg, and you need a place to meet for a short time, you can use the service "rent for a day."

Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, no more difficult than looking for a free hotel room for a reasonable fee. Rental housing for a few days-this is the most reasonable solution in search of where to stay in St. Petersburg!

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