Attention! 6 new magnificent and inexpensive apartments in the center of St. Petersburg. See last

New luxury apartments in the heart of St. Petersburg with views of the Hermitage and Palace square ( one-bedroom apartment on Nevsky,3), two one - bedroom and two-bedroom apartments on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street in 5-10 minutes walk from all the main attractions of the city-the Hermitage, Palace square, Kazan and Isakievsky cathedrals, Cathedral of the Savior on blood, Nevsky Prospekt and the Neva river. One Studio apartment is located on Nevsky 51, on the other side of Fontanka embankment - to the two nearest metro stations located on Nevsky prospect, 5-10 minutes walk. Near Anichkov Palace - before the revolution, the residence of the Royal family, Anichkov bridge with the famous sculptures of Klodt, Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace with a wax Museum and a concert hall; 200 m from Nevsky Fontanka-Sheremetyevsky Palace and Museum-apartment Anna Akhmatova. A 5 - minute walk along the Nevsky on the square of Arts-Mikhailovsky Palace and the Russian Museum located in it. One of the apartments on Vasilyevsky island is within a 5-minute walk from the metro and 2 stops on the metro to Nevsky PR. - also in the historical center of St. Petersburg-originally Peter I assumed as the center of the city is Vasilievsky island, so on Vasilievsky island and located St. Petersburg State University-in the former administrative building of 12 colleges, the Academy of arts and the former, under Peter I, the Academy of Sciences ( now famous Kunstkamera). Feel like a few days of St. Petersburg! Our company "Day-Peter" will help You with this.

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