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Hurry! You can still have time to get an unforgettable experience by making water excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg! Navigation in St. Petersburg continues until the end of November! Without participation in the water tour, the impression of the city will be incomplete. It is no coincidence that St. Petersburg is called the Venice of the North - the total length of the city's waterways is a total of 300 km. Neva, small rivers and canals are an integral part of the appearance of St. Petersburg. Water walks will give you a lot of pleasure and will allow you to see the city in a completely new way. On the Moika, Fontanka and Griboyedov canal go boats and river trams, on the Neva and the Gulf of Finland-high-speed ships "meteor" and double-deck ships. It can be day trips, evening and even night; with a guide or audio guide; with music and without; with bars and restaurants. What could be more romantic than an evening excursion accompanied by light saxophone music or an excursion to the breeding of bridges! A special format of excursions on rivers and canals - "Hop-on Hop-off". During the validity of the season ticket (1-2 days) You can go ashore, see the sights and continue the journey again.

Add romance to your journey through the Northern capital by making fascinating excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg! And not only! You can also take a comfortable boat on the Neva river with access to the Gulf of Finland and visit the city of fountains of Petrodvorets and the city of naval glory of Kronstadt.

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