Apartment for a holiday for 1-3 days

Before the coming holidays a lot of calls with the desire to rent an apartment for 1-3 days directly on New year's eve. It offers the owners a bit. Owners prefer to rent their apartment usually for a period of 5 days. If the owner is ready to rent an apartment for 1-3 days for the New year-it is at the same time repeatedly increases the price of his apartment. 1-3 days in this period can cost up to 40-50 thousand rubles or in the new year night or for the entire period.It is usually 2-3 bedroom apartments for a large company. You can not spend your precious time in search of an apartment for the New Year at the usual price of apartments for rent on holidays. And the reason for such high prices for such proposals-a considerable risk for the owners, and therefore the corresponding prices. Some owners generally refuse to rent apartments for the period including the New Year...

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